Truth Of True Happiness And Why We Need It

Truth Of True Happiness And Why We Need It

Truth Of True Happiness And Why We Need It

Truth Of True Happiness

Every human being wants to be happy.And we all like it because it is one of our essential needs.But there are very few people who are happy with their happiness.

But why are we not happy with our happiness? We do not get as much happiness as we want, or it is not the happiness we want.

There are many such questions which we ask ourselves every day and we do not have an answer. But is it hard to be happy in today’s generation?

Truth Of True Happiness And Why We Need It

So let us go ahead in search of the truth of true happiness.And we try to understand the real meaning of happiness

And when I tried to understand happiness very closely, then I found that there is no easy way to get happiness And no simple solution. It is just a lovely feeling that can be found with Peace and contentment.

Actually, I want to say that there is happiness in peace and satisfaction. Because many of us think that too much money and luxury are the only sources of happiness.But it is not so. If this happens, all the wealthy people in the world would be happy, and they would not be looking for happiness. This is a very big reality, the sooner we understand, the sooner we can find our happiness.

I believe money is a very important thing in today’s life and I do not deny it at all. I also agree that money is an essential thing, but I want to say that money is necessary but money is not everything.

Truth Of True Happiness And Why We Need It

And I believe money is far behind in terms of feeling and happiness.Yes, I believe, few people will agree with me about this, what do you think, tell me by commenting.

You must be thinking that this is not the solution to the truth of true happiness.So let me teach you how happiness can be found, even without looking for it.

Morning with positive thinking

You start your morning with positive thinking and trust.t.Even if you know that this day will not be good for you, even when you start the day with confidence, by doing this, you will continue to be energetic all day and you will be able to make right decisions with positive thinking.

Watching the sun rising or drowning.

Take time to watch the sun rising or the sun drowning. And try that you do not think much while you do this, And just enjoy the view.Doing so will increase your peace of mind


You must hug those you love

You must hug the person you love, and tell them how much you love them. If you get an opportunity then you must tell them how much you love them and you must tell them how important it is for you. And try to share happiness with them because happiness increases with sharing.

Be happy with small things

Try to find happiness in small things like getting the seat to sit on the bus, or someone has opened the gate for you, try to find happiness in such small things, and do not forget to smile.

Pursuit of your Dreams

What dreams want – To achieve your dreams

Whenever you find the time you must pursue your dreams.Do whatever you like, if you like to sing, then sing. if you like to dance, Just Dance. if you like cooking food, then cook. Do whatever your dreams are.Because it is your dream that can give you the sweetest and longest pleasure

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