The power of failure, why should we learn and don’t quit.

The power of failure, why should we learn and don’t quit.

The power of failure, why should we learn and don't quit.

The power of failure, why should we learn and don’t quit.

Many people become aggressive by the name of failure and hate the name of failure.
but is it deserve it,
Failure is the story that we all have, but we never tell it to anyone.Then why do we hate so much failure?There is a story of failure in the lives of everyone, of course, everyone has the story of their own failure.But we all are afraid that if we tell anyone about our failure, people will think us stupid and laugh at us.

But one thing that is always forgotten, we cannot reach success without failure.Failure is the ladder of success and You can not reach the roof of success, without a ladder of failure.All of us must share the story of our failure with our family or our friends. So that the same mistake is your friend, do not repeat any member of your family and avoid that mistake.

Take risks in your life
If you win, you can lead!
If you lose, you can guide!

Swami Vivekananda

So today you will tell stories of some successful people who have walked on the stairs of their failure to reach the roof of success so that you can learn to change the name of failure into success, and make a story of your own success. and Also you can defeat the fear of failure.

So the  person is Steve Jobs

You must have heard the name of Steve Jobs’s but perhaps you do not know the story of the hidden failure behind his success, so we will tell you the story of his failure so that you can learn from him, and beat your failure.

In 1976, Steve Wozniak invented the Macintosh Apple 1 computer. When Wozniak showed this Steve jobs, Jobs suggested to sell it.To sell it, he and Steve Wozniak started to build Apple Computer in Wozniak Garage.Jobs became co-founder of Apple in 1976 and began selling Apple’s personal computer.Apple quickly went ahead and earned money and, at the end of the first year, became the second company to make personal computers.

Apple made the computer smaller, cheaper and more functional.Their technology liked the buyers so much that they both earned millions of dollars together.The first invention of either or the first launch was the launch of Apple I, which earned $ 774,000 three years after the launch of Apple II, which increased sales by 700 percent and it was $ 139 billion

In 10 years ‘Apple’ became a well-known company, earning billions of dollars, but as soon as the launch of Apple III and Lisa, people did not appreciate the two.As a result, the company suffered losses, lots of losses.Unfortunately, Steve was held responsible for this, and on September 17, 1985, the company’s board of directors released Steve to leave the company.

Steve was broken after he left Apple company, Failure was being eaten to them, but they didn’t give up.They thought: It is better than, that let me start a new one. If this does not happen in their mind at this time, then maybe we do not get our Steve Jobs today.

“Sometimes life hits you
in the head with
a brick.
don’t lose faith.”
-Steve Jobs

Then Steve opened a company named Next, whose first product was ‘High-end personal computers’ But nothing happened because Apple and Lisa had already surrounded the market, But Steve was one of those people who did not like to lose. And then He changed his company into a software company

After that, the fate of Steve Jobs was opened.His company earned so much that in 1986, Steve purchased a graphics company with $ 10 million and named him ‘Pixar’.  After this Steve did not look back in life.When Pixar got along with Disney, this company touched the seventh sky of success.

While the Apple company was losing money, Apple bought Next to $ 477 million and Steve Jobs became Apple’s CEO.It was at this time that Apple pulled out unique product, such as iPod, and in 2007 Apple’s first mobile phone came out, which spread the revolution in the mobile phone market. And Steve Jobs became a star.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.
-Steve Jobs

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