Importance Of Time Management For Students

Importance of time management for students

There is nothing more precious than the time because time is the creator of everything. And we all waste it quite easily. Because we think, that we have a lot of time. But this is not the truth. Because the thread of time is a thread that gets smaller every moment. And Our life cannot run without the thread of time.

That is why nothing is more precious than time. Once a person asked a great man what is life.He replied that the golden time between birth and death is called life.

Importance Of Time Management For Students

Not only that, the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is also the time. Because they know the time is precious, and they use the time correctly and wisely. And the unsuccessful people always live in this misunderstanding that they have a lot of time, and they misuse the time.

But they do not understand this thing. He can not buy time with money, Nor can it be grown on the tree, nor can it be borrowed from anybody. Once the time passes, it never comes back at anyhow. And this is a treasure that goes away every moment with very easily.

It is good for you to stay away from such people because these people can teach you to misuse the time. And you can spend your precious time on these things.

So Let’s move on. And I tell you about a real event in a real way so that you can understand the value of time, and use it correctly.


All of you have heard Kodak’s name. The Kodak Company was started by George in 1888. And until 1908 Kodak had captured 80% of the photo and camera market and became the world’s largest photo and camera’s company.

Kodak made three things at the time, camera, photo film, and photo paper. And Kodak is that company which brought professional photography to the house. And because of the Kodak, everyone could take the camera.

Importance Of Time Management For Students


But I’m going to tell you why such a big company has closed.

Kodak made three things at the time, camera, photo film, and photo paper. Kodak very wisely used to sell these three things.Kodak’s cameras were very cheap, but their photo films and photo papers were both expensive.Means Kodak’s main earnings were not with the camera but from his photo film and photo paper.

And gradually digital cameras began to come, with no need for photo film and photo paper.And I want to tell you that the digital camera was first brought by Kodak.

So what happened that Kodak had to shut down? So let’s know, that is a lesson for every student.

Kodak called Neil J. Gunther to Improve Kodak. Kodak’s management asked Neil J. Gunther what is the future of photography, then Gunther answered the digital camera.And Kodak Management said that we already have a digital camera.

And we do not think this digital camera will be the future. Kodak was not accepting this fact because a large part of his earnings came from photo film and photo paper.

And the time has shown its masterliness

Then companies like Canon and Sony landed in the market with a digital camera. They made the digital camera cheap and without photo papers and photo films. People liked it and in a while, it occupied the whole market.

But Kodak was not ready to admit this thing, and he was just trying to improve his old camera. Kodak was not ready to walk with time.Kodak was thinking that he would beat the time, but it was not going to happen. The time went ahead, and the Kodak went behind.

Here companies like Sony and Canon were shaking. They launched several digital cameras in the market and gradually got their hold on the market.

And finally, in 1990, Kodak had to remove 10,000 employees, because they started losing. And the first digital camera maker Kodak was still not ready to launch the digital camera in the market.

Importance Of Time Management For Students

All the time moving forward at its own pace.

Eventually, Kodak came to understand and he started taking the digital camera on the market.Until it came to understanding Kodak, it was too late. And the time has passed a lot. Finally, Kodak had to shut down in 2012.

I told this example that you could understand that Time does not stop for anyone if you do not use it properly then it will crush you too.

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