Bear Grylls Quotes on Life,Courage And Survival

Bear Grylls Quotes

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Today we have listed some of the best Bear Grylls Quotes

Bear Grylls is also known as “Edward Michael”.Bear Grylls is widely known for his television series ‘Man vs. Wild’, is an adventurer, traveler, and explorer.
Bear Grylls is Born In Donaghadee, Northern Ireland on 7 June 1974

Bear Grylls studied at Ludgrove School and Eton College and have done his graduation in Hispanic studies from the University of West of England

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Bear Grylls Quotes on Life And survival

1.The line between life or death is determined by what we are willing to do.

2.Life has taught me to be very cautious of a man with a dream. Especially a man who has teetered on the edge of life. It gives a fire and recklessness inside that is hard to quantify.

3.You only get one chance at life and you have to grab it boldly.

4.You can’t become a decent horseman until you fall off and get up again, a good number of times. There’s life in a nutshell.

5.Two things matter in life: following your dreams and looking after your friends. This is what I love about scouting. It’s about doing great things, loving and enjoying the great adventure and helping others to do the same.

6.Take every chance you get in life. Because some things only happen once.

7.It’s unresolved conflict in my life that I have a lovely family and a risky job.

8.Life is all about our growth, not our trophies.

9.Survival can be summed up in three words Never Give Up. That’s the heart of it really. Just keep trying.

10.Survival is not about being fearless. It’s about making a decision, Getting on and doing it, Because I want to see my kids again, or whatever the reason might be.

11.The rules of Survival never change, whether you’re in a desert or in an Arena.

Some Best Bear Grylls Quotes

1.The difference between ordinary and Extra-ordinary Is just that little word – extra. Give that little bit extra.

2.Keep focused on the step in front of you. Nothing else matters.

3.So you are in a spot of trouble. Well you aren’t the first and you sure won’t be the last – So have faith and keep your hope up – whether you make it out alive or not will largely come down to you: your attitudes and your action.

4.Heroes are made not born.

5.The thing about a ‘comfort zone’ is that it sounds, well, too comfortable. I call it a comfort pit, Because a pit is somewhere you want to get out of as fast as possible.

6.Never depend on those luck moments – they are gifts – but instead always build your own back-up plan.

7.Don’t listen to the dreams stealers.

8.Good Things Don’t come easy.

9.Make a little time to be quiet by yourself every day and just be.

10.Pain is temporary quitting lasts forever.

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11.We all have our limits. To push beyond those limits sometimes requires something just beyond ourselves. That is what my faith has given me – a secret strength and help when I have needed it most.

12.The extremes of jungles, mountains, and deserts, are inherently dangerous places.

13.I always had a really natural faith as a kid. Where I knew God existed and it felt very free and pretty wild and natural, and it wasn’t religions.

14.Follow your goals wholeheartedly and there will be enough to satisfy you.

15.Look, sometimes, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes you need a bit of luck.

16.Every time you surprise yourself… you inspire yourself.

17.Struggle develops strength and storms makes you stronger.

18.I look back and understand the world a bit better and know how competitive it is.

19.The will to win means nothing without the will to train.

Quotes on Courage

1.Those who are positive, resourceful, courageous, and determined will emerge.

2.When you’re going through hell – keep going.

3.I am not fearless. I get scared plenty. But I have also learned how to channel that emotion to sharpen me.

4.Being brave is not the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.

5.Without risk, there can be no growth.

6.Life is an adventure that is best lived boldly.

7.With courage and kindness, you can conquer the world.

8.Both Faith and Fear may sail into your harbor, but allow only Faith to drop anchor.

9.If you risk nothing, you gain nothing.

10.I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

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